21 April 2017

The Sandy Studio

Since the keen interest and recent demand of my seascape and landscape paintings, I have set up The Sandy Studio an online gallery to sell some of my recent paintings and sketches.

I'll be painting live all weekend at Porthtowan Food Festival.

Paintings and sketches will be uploaded regularly and throughout the weekend. If you would like to be informed when new work is updated and news of upcoming exhibitions just send through your email address, or "drop in" regularly to thesandystudio.com

Have a great weekend! :)


Harry Adam's documentary of my work.

Somehow, from following my actions for a week, Harry Adams managed to piece together some sense of what I've been doing lately.

Here is the article. The short documentary is at the bottom of the page.

23 September 2016

22 September 2016

"If You Say You Can't Draw, Try This!" The workshops!

There are two workshops coming up next week in Cornwall. There are no pre-required qualifications. You don't even really need to not be able to draw!

The workshops are a one-time experience using effective, tried and tested methods to unlock your drawing abilities.

  • Monday 26th September 7-9pm at Porthtowan Village Hall, Porthtowan TR4 8AD
  • Thursday 29th September 7-9pm at Miners and Mechanics Institute, St Agnes TR5 0TQ

The workshop costs £23 per person. The proceeds go to St Julia's Hospice, Hayle as a small thank you for looking after our dear friend Nola x

To book, call Cosmic on 07970 307908 TR5 0TQ

03 August 2016

The Art Blaster! at PARK LIVE

This oversized ghetto blaster was commissioned for Source Fm's PARK LIVE July event in Kimberly Park Falmouth this Sunday just gone.

It's a large canvas to be drawn all over and the theme was "What do I see in the future for Source FM".

Adults and children left some great images and ideas on the installation, including: "Broadcast from space", "More community news" and the art included some very bold neo-expressionism!

The sun was shining all day and the spoken word (selected by Mac Dunlop) and the live music (selected by Ryan Jones) kept everyone highly entertained.

09 July 2016

INTRODUCING: Say You Can't Draw Try This!

Over the past few years I have been testing out this experience workshop. The results have been really amazing! Remember, no experience is unnecessary.

TROPICAL PRESSURE FESTIVAL 16th/17th JULY 2016 There is an entry fee to the festival but on this occasion these two SAY YOU CANT DRAW TRY THIS workshops are free to participate.

If you are thinking "But, I really can't draw!" this workshop is for you.

If you want to get into a conversation with me about drawing and wether or not anyone can or can't, be my guest. This is my favourite subject and I am ready to talk about this all day and night.

Come and draw!

EMAIL: cosmicimages@live.com to find out about these workshops near you.

08 July 2016

We're Jammin' (the radio!)

Every Friday night on The Source FM in Falmouth I present The Cosmic Art Show (or Cosmic's Show) and last night I had a short, but epic interview to play with reggae music legend U-Roy!

First person to get this tattooed wins a t-shirt!

Everything was going good, I was enjoying the show. The interview with DJ Johnny Nash (U-Roy's main man and selector) played fine. Then,  I was about to play the U-Roy interview and the radio jammed! I could still speak but no music would play what-so-ever. Spooky goings on indeed.

Listen to the show again click here:

U-Roy DJ Johnny Nash scored some art.

04 April 2016

New artwork at the beach!

The new owners of the beach cafe down at my local beach have just given it a beautiful new refit and, as well as having all the windows opened up to really enjoy the breathtaking views of Trevaunance Cove, recently commissioned me to paint all over the outside walls.

It does what it says on the wall!

I had free reign to paint what I wanted as long as I got certain words in there. So, I kept it simple and fitted the artwork and colours in with the locality and business as much as possible.

Breaking waves: Signage and beach graffiti combined.
As well as the cafe upstairs, Breakers also have the Ice Cream Joint. I painted this to look like a "surf shack" style ice cream parlour to fit in with the long surf culture and history the beach has.

The Ice Cream Joint "surf shack" hatch.
Breakers Beach Cafe can be found at Trevaunance cove, St Agnes, Cornwall and is open most days. 

19 March 2016

The Essentiality of Nature...

When I began using spray paint to capture seascapes in 2014, I visited Port Isaac and sketched and painted at the harbour for a few days. The results weren't good. Occasionally I'd get a part of the scene to work and then pull my finger down on the cap a smidgen too hard and blow it all.
Lots of distractions too. I always happily answer questions when I'm working even this time when I really didn't want to be disturbed. Tourists and locals were stopping and asking me what I was painting with and although they'd seen spray paint they thought it must be different stuff as I wasn't using it for graffiti.

And then all of a sudden, this piece just happened. The mistakes began to work in my favour and I could see that this wild, almost untameable medium could be used to work on such small scale and achieve stunning results.

14 February 2016

The Roots Culture Market, Porthtowan

Today was awesome! 
Thank you to Angio and Tim at Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Porthtowan for inviting me to today's Roots Culture Market.  A blend of local crafts people who bring their wares to trade alongside the popular Reggae Roast.

It wasn't easy with such a vibrant mix of traders and friends to distract me, but I managed to draw quite a bit of stuff  in the end and have a good chat with a lot of awesome people at the second Roots Culture Market. There is another one on Sunday 28th February, and two in March.

An inspiring day, full of really good vibes and interesting people.
I'll definitely be back!