30 December 2008

xmas cards this year

Remove formatting from selection 2008 was a bit of a cranky wooden roller-coaster ride for me. luckily, for every two things that went a bit wrong- one went very right.
as a small token of my gratitude to people who had helped me out and as a sign of things to come to those near and dear to me, i created a set of greetings cards and got them out just in time.
in the proccess i met a great printers who use sustainable trees (with fsc approval) and vegetable dye inks. so, i can design and print greetings cards for clients in the future.
these were the designs i sent out this year from me..

29 December 2008

hi ho hi ho

its back to work for me in the morning! -and i'm looking forward to it!

just before christmas i had lots of requests for window artwork after decorating a couple of shops in falmouth, cornwall.  i postponed any jobs i had on at the time which could wait until after the holidays and got my brushes out! heres some pics..
happy new year!!


08 December 2008

welcome to the journey of cosmic images

welcome. my name is cosmic.
this is a visual diary of the goings on in my world of image making.

recently my work has taken on a new angle and people i meet on the way have been really interested in what i'm doing. so i put this blog together.