23 February 2009

peoples' favourite

the picture favoured by most customers of cosmicimages online shop is titled '1988'. 
its one of my favourite peices too.   im happy that it is well received.

the popularity of each of the four limited edition prints currently for sale online gives me a 'heads-up' and saves potentially wasted print costs.

this helps to keep manufacturing costs down  and therefore the prices of future prints down. 

many thanks if you have bought a print so far and if you keep checking for originals and missing them, don't worry..
 from now on i send out a bulletin to members of the cosmicimages facebook group every time i add some originals. 

 remember, when the originals or a complete run of prints have sold, the images are taken down from the shop/homepage. 

in march the gallery page will feature pictures of all the originals sold to date.

happy hustling!


18 February 2009

draw me a picture, cosmic!

original works for sale this week at http://cosmicimagesok.co.uk  its like sex, drugs and rock n'roll on ice

prints on there all the time, bookmark the page and keep looking for the originals. as soon as they sell they come off!
you gotta hustle 'em!!

15 February 2009



as from St Valentines Day 2009 cosmic images are available to buy online  click HERE !!!

visit site and bookmark homepage, items and gallery constantly updated!

happy hustling!!


14 February 2009



glass, in state
 has no frame
can never be anything else.
will melt, and return to sand.

light enters the room
and illuminates the glass
coloured light and details it shines
the light, and spreads warmth
winged light in air passes
freely, invisibly, solid, mindful.

arrows will split tense sheet
silk and shards hard and sharp will
river blood rose red-flowing to
ground and grounded lightning.

copyright 2009 cosmic


12 February 2009


  • originals
  • prints
  • tees
  • other printed products
  • lots of surprises
  • new* products added frequently
  • woo hoooo!!!
  •  if you have a 'cosmic images business card', GOTO the web address on it for a sneaky preview!


*and i mean  new!!

11 February 2009

everybody needs good (psychic) neighbours

my super-talented nine year old neighbour came round to show me a picture hed just finished, right at the moment i was finishing one myself. so we had been drawing them at the same time. in nearby houses without knowing the other was drawing.  

the  similarities in the content could be obvious as its the week of valentines day, but the similar shapes, patterns and composition is amazing.  

the more you look, the more you see

10 February 2009

keep on moving

it doesn't seem to matter how busy i get, as long as i keep drawing i can handle it. 
bop, the cat is in hospital and everyone i know is praying for him to their various gods and deities. im less focused than usual(!) and have a lot of projects on, a broken van i need to fix and a house full of boxes i cant unpack until the new carpets have been laid.. and ive been sitting sketching!
it sounds like a waste of time but now i can focus a bit better and get back to it.

08 February 2009

the beady eyes

(not my image)

i popped into here and now gallery, which is by far the coolest gallery in falmouth, for a chat last week and view the new lucy apple exhibition.. the shop next door rang me up soon afterwards asking if i would draw on her window. i was still in the area, so.. click here and now 

04 February 2009

the rain is like ice

the rain is like ice

the rain is like ice,
i panicked and thought of a worse,
snowy banks and icey puddles slapped,
under munchy wheels and brown tyres.

dont breakit dont changeit. stop.
look around, properly.
everything you think youve lost,
is staring you in the face,
everything youre scared to lose,
should go.

warmth and well and food,
thats what makes the world go,
thats why some things fly and others die,
im blathering now and im aware that,
my toes are still cold.

the air outside is gritty,
traffic splutters and grumbles at itself,
hunched figures moan,
and drains drip the thaw,

dont call me. im asleep.

copyright cosmic 2009