23 February 2009

peoples' favourite

the picture favoured by most customers of cosmicimages online shop is titled '1988'. 
its one of my favourite peices too.   im happy that it is well received.

the popularity of each of the four limited edition prints currently for sale online gives me a 'heads-up' and saves potentially wasted print costs.

this helps to keep manufacturing costs down  and therefore the prices of future prints down. 

many thanks if you have bought a print so far and if you keep checking for originals and missing them, don't worry..
 from now on i send out a bulletin to members of the cosmicimages facebook group every time i add some originals. 

 remember, when the originals or a complete run of prints have sold, the images are taken down from the shop/homepage. 

in march the gallery page will feature pictures of all the originals sold to date.

happy hustling!


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