09 June 2010

qbar update: mezzanine area

Last night, while (most of) you were sleeping, I was painting this...

08 June 2010

NEW Daily Pic project 2010-2011

From 06-06-10 I will post a new drawing a day to Cosmic's Daily Pic project page on flickr.

Each day's drawing can take anything upwards from a few minutes to complete and can be on any surface and produced with any media and materials and about any subject, but not for another job.

This will be very difficult with deadlines etc, so it probably won't be every day. But if I possibly can get one on there i will. The aim is to make a whole year without taking a day out so, every time I take a day out the counter starts again at zero days!

03 June 2010

SHOP Tonight!! Perranporth

SHOP (it's a music thing!) is probably the most fun you can have with a beer in your hand.

From 9 til very late tonight Seiners in Perranporth, Cornwall kick off their 'Summer Sessions' with an exclusive SHOP gig.

SHOP gigs are very laid back but dangerously cool, and may seriously effect your music tastes.