29 January 2014

Do something about it.

Last week the Big Lunch Extras team from The Eden Project took me on a mystery tour up to Northfleet, next to the Thanes in North Kent. 
An ex-colleague of mine, Peter Scollard, works (often unpaid) with other volunteers to improve their community environment and open spaces, sometimes without any permission from anywhere!

It was a huge surprise to see Pete, and for him to see me (he didn't know I was coming up either) and to see the work he, and Carl, Gary, Kelly and team are doing to improve local open spaces and improve morale in the community.

It was inspiring to meet so many other people and groups that Big Lunch Extras help and mentor during the presentations and an absolute pleasure to deliver a Drawingonthings art workshop in Wallace Gardens Housing Estate nearby!

Check out http://nowallsgardens.org/
And http://www.biglunchextras.com
For more info.