31 May 2011

'Tree Milestone' skate park wall

Okay, good workshop this one. Super-fast consultation last week at Mount Hawke skatepark with the group that were all set to paint this wall at their local park. It was the sort of design meeting where someone mentions a tree and it all snowballs from there.

Today I turned up at the park and helped them put their idea on the wall.
The village is called Threemilestone. It's three miles away from Truro, or something like that. One of the local mums, Kelly (an active member of the parish council) is working wonders to get all kinds of things done in this park to make it more of a user-friendly environment for the community, and getting this art wall built at the skate park area is just one of them.

An art wall is a dedicated wall for art, street art or graffiti. Some places have them free-standing which is so effective.

CN4C (Cornwall Neighbourhoods For Change)'s Simon and Sian work closely with Kelly and support her plans to make the area a more positive and vibrant place. So, when they heard of her idea for the wall, they called me in to run this Drawing On Things workshop.

28 May 2011

New boards painted

Just finished these spray jobs today on two brand new boards for Nicola Bunt, who is competing in the Sundowners Sessions comp tomorrow at Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay.

She won it last year, so I hope she wins it this year too with my artwork! Get down there and yell things at her with encouraging tones.

Reef (who have reef-ormed:) are playing after the comp.

22 May 2011

aaaaargghh! it's The Bruton Dragon

Yesterday I went to Bruton in Somerset, about a mile from Glastonbury, and ran a Drawing On Things workshop for 8-16 year olds at the Bruton Festival of Arts which runs for over three weeks annually in this seemingly unassuming and quaint looking country village.

There are loads of activities and displays: art exhibitions, huge sculptures (see pic), even a writing sweatshop (which sounded amazing).

The organizers wanted to arrange something which could get the young people involved and had got in touch with me.
There were about 12 young people involved all at the same time. It was held in the garden of the local pub called "The Castle" and just down the road was this giant dragon sculpture. So we had our theme!

This workshop was fantastic and the preparation before I had arrived was first class (see pic) there was even a tarp ready to pull over the painting if it rained.

Bruton Festival of Arts is well worth a look. The village is a warm, friendly hive of creative activity. If you are anywhere near Somerset at all, call in!

Window Sign and Air-Con Robot

Years ago this bar was a juice bar called Quench and when it began to have gigs and sell beers it was re-named Qbar and the name stuck, despite having new owners and becoming a hugely popular bar.

On Friday I set up a makeshift easel in the street and painted some characters having a conversation about the bar to go on the backs of the seats in the window.

When I finished this it only seemed right to give the brand new, white air conditioning unit quick make-over too!

19 May 2011

A new wave

My studio was dark.
I flicked a light switch on,
as I entered.

Bulb buzzed and sparked,
as it cracked alight,
sending smallest puffs of
to fall from the fitting.

Shadows crept away, lazily,
from corners.

Yellow light,
pulled dark air in,
in a second.
Nobody had been there.

All over the walls,
books sat heavily.
And sugged
at the benchy shelves.

© Cosmic 2011

18 May 2011

Tattoo table tops

The Q bar, Falmouth yesterday (just over a year since I re-designed the bar and drew all over the walls and tables). I carried the tables outside and stacked them on their side, revealing the design that had been on them for a year, and got to work re-painting them.

The owner, a couple of customers and some passers by got involved too.

10 May 2011

Very tasty


Beachbeat Demo Centre

Try before you buy... with no obligation.

Call in and ask at Aggie Surf Shop, St Agnes, Cornwall http://www.beachbeatsurfboards.co.uk/

07 May 2011

Quick! Banner

So, a couple of hours before last weeks gig we were sitting outside and topping up on some much needed r+r,

when I realize that GET STONED with Cosmic Jagger and friends don't have a backdrop!
We did have a banner, but I slightly remember giving it away one night and resolving to myself to make another one.

Someone commented that I didn't have enough time to do one before the gig.

Fifteen minutes later it was done.