10 June 2015

Be Unrivalled!

A few weeks ago Unrivalled Legacy were having a stand at the BodyPower Expo at Birmingham NEC Centre.
Unrivalled Legacy is a great fitness and bodybuilding label based right here in St Agnes, Cornwall.

To stand out agahey got me in to paint the stand with strong lines and powerful

Big lad inne!
Strong lines and images associated with power.

The lightning bolt is a great symbol of energy.

Create Your Own Legacy! and Be Unrivalled are the companies tag lines.

The Unrivalled Legacy team at the stall in Birmingham.

It's Smallworld after all!

Smallworld May 2015
This awesome conscientious wind and solar powered festival takes place in Kent twice a year, in May and August. It is put together by the people who bring the Smallworld Solar Stage to larger festivals like Glastonbury, Buddhafield, and Secret Garden Party.

This May at Smallworld I did some spray paint art workshops and painted a few other things (if they stayed still long enough).