30 August 2011

Don't put a bummer on my summer!

Keep bright people! This isn't the end of summer! It's maaany weeeeks awaay! So shut up moaning, go for a walk, swim, surf, get on a boat, lie down and look at the stars, eat an ice cream, have a beer, coffee, your dinner outside, have some fun! and don't even moan when it is over, not to me anyway :)x Cosmic

26 August 2011

Skate park tees

This summer I did some t-shirt designs for Mount Hawke Skatepark in Cornwall, and they are selling well! Which is good as the profits go to the large indoor Skatepark (and education/ media centre)'s fund. There are 4 limited edition designs, all intended to enhance balance, style and resistance to gravity.

25 August 2011

Sketching ideas straight on the wall (Drawing on Things style!)

Newquay Youth Centre Open Day, yesterday.

The white part of the wall is the start of where the larger art will begin throughout the room, so this is a consultation with young people who love living in Newquay and use Newquay Youth Centre or, for some, who only found out about the centre yesterday during the open day.

The art project is to express the many enjoyable and positive things about living in Newquay.

To get the ideas flowing I suggested ways that everybody could begin doodling, despite how well they thought they could draw, and the drawing didn't stop all day!

About 30 new artists added ideas, shapes and colours to the wall, including some of the newspaper photographers (who couldn't resist when I offered them the chance!).

The artwork for the main part of the wall will be done by me in September or October. And by looking at some of the ideas coming through yesterday, this will be a very creative project indeed!

Edit: Here is a link to a post with pics of the artwork completed by me, based on these sketches, ready for when the young people return to use the youth centre (after the summer holidays) later this week.

24 August 2011

Hayle Vets Summer Fete Mural

This was a really good project. The vets in Hayle, Cornwall held a summer fete for all their customers to come and meet and raise money for for the National Animal Welfare Trust and the Cats Protection League.

They booked me to paint their new mural during the same day so that their client's younger and more creative owners could help me design and paint as an extra activity during the fete. Which was a fantastic idea!

Read this→ article from The West Briton newspaper. (Make sure you scroll along to see Scampy Williams' fancy dress costume)

19 August 2011

Drawing on Friends

The recipe for this highly enjoyable creative venture is as follows...

1) Get a sharpie and remove the lid.

2) Put inky end on friends' skin and move it about.

Note: Permission from friends will vary at the same rate as their alcohol intake.