02 September 2011


(...Newquay Youth Centre!)

I re-visited Newquay Youth Centre to paint the walls based on ideas that had emerged from the "drawingonthings workshop" (everybody drawing whatever they wanted on the wall) I held there during an open day at the youth centre almost 2 weeks ago.

Check out the consultation doodles here!

This time it was just me painting to get the walls ready for the centre to open again in September. I tried to remain true to the lively and imaginative use of shapes, colours and imagery that emerged from the first session (which were drawn on the wooden triangular panel, and are a big part of the work! See bottom picture) and almost follow on from those first group doodles in the "drawingonthings workshop".

The major surfing and nightlife town has a bright and colourful reputation but quite often focus, in the press for example, is drawn towards the negative. Projects like this help to remind residents and visitors of all the positive aspects to Newquay.

I purposefully avoided the obvious and direct images and used the open and non-judgemental collective doodles from the "drawingonthings workshop" to dictate the content of the murals to ensure a unique and original piece that could only belong to Newquay.

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