15 July 2011

MOR artwork!

MOR Surf Lodge in Newquay called me up to paint a unique mural on the front wall, which will be a 'sunset beach in the evening'.

It has amazing sunsets from the front beer garden. So, the beach, sunset, the company logo (an "O" with a 'tor' above it -from MOR, which is celtic for something) and brand, surfing and Newquay were all in the brief.

It's opening any day now. They have a board store and tons of quirky additions to make your trip 100% ace and memorable! It does look like it's going to be a very cool place.

Even if you live in Cornwall it's well worth a visit. The bar is open to non-residents and, if you're enjoying yourselves, ditch the car and get a room!

I also did a "60 second makeover" on a chest of drawers for the interior designer while I was there.

Directions: Get to Newquay, find Mount Wise (the highest road which runs along the ridge of the town from the roundabout, before south fistral, to the traffic lights, before the railway station) and look out for a massive blue and white building with this artwork on the front!

More photos, links and info to come when MOR Surf Lodge, Newquay opens to the public.

10 July 2011

Being crafty to be fayre.

Today I will be drawing on things at the craft fayre at the Riverbank in Truro. Expect spray paint designs on recycled skateboards and prints, among other stalls of knitwear, buttons and doilies. (I hope I'm joking!)

1-4 pm The Riverbank

Old Bridge Street, Truro, Cornwall
sat nav:  TR1 2AQ


05 July 2011

Laser Man and Robo-Monkey.

I went to the house of my friends Kurt and Sharon yesterday and painted their son's bedroom on his 5th birthday, while he was at school, for a surprise when he came home to party with friends and family.

A few weeks ago I had visited the family and the kids, Alfie and Faith had helped me to design some super heroes. Laser Man, in this scene was all Alfie's design. I just drew what he told me to.

I just heard that it surprised him again when he woke up! Brilliant.

Barefoot Finale

This Saturday was the Barefoot Games Finale at the Eden Project.

I was invited to paint on a huge wall, along with with graffiti artist Mau-Mau, during the celebration of all that Barefoot Games has achieved over the past year.

There were live bands, samba dancers, drummers, stilt walkers, giant paella, us, other artists, and a whole lot more!

The Barefoot Games project only ran for a year. During this time it reached out to a vast number of young people in the area to share positive skills and help them achieve personal goals.

It was great to work with this team and, although Barefoot Games has now ended, The eden Project will continue to benefit the wider community.

Next Generation

On Saturday 25th June I ran a massive drawingonthings workshop in Poltair Skatepark in St Austell as part of a Youthfest skate comp day organised by Barefoot Games and The House youth centre.

These four panels were painted by young people who wanted to have a creative outlet on the day. About 40-50 took part during the day.

This was the first day of the recent heat wave and it wasn't expected. During the skate comp there were DJ's playing and a barbecue after.

01 July 2011

Glastonbury 2011

The difference between being a visual artist at a festival and playing music is that a visual artist might be leaving before the fun starts!

The day before Glastonbury Festival 2011 opened. I was in and out of there like a flash!
I threw paint at everything I saw, got told off for graffiti-ing (a skull) in the "graffiti area", Shangri-La, too early, and was back in the sea in Cornwall minutes before the festival, in Somerset, opened to the public.

Maybe I'll take some time off and enjoy the event next time?!

(They left my skull up, by the way.)