15 July 2011

MOR artwork!

MOR Surf Lodge in Newquay called me up to paint a unique mural on the front wall, which will be a 'sunset beach in the evening'.

It has amazing sunsets from the front beer garden. So, the beach, sunset, the company logo (an "O" with a 'tor' above it -from MOR, which is celtic for something) and brand, surfing and Newquay were all in the brief.

It's opening any day now. They have a board store and tons of quirky additions to make your trip 100% ace and memorable! It does look like it's going to be a very cool place.

Even if you live in Cornwall it's well worth a visit. The bar is open to non-residents and, if you're enjoying yourselves, ditch the car and get a room!

I also did a "60 second makeover" on a chest of drawers for the interior designer while I was there.

Directions: Get to Newquay, find Mount Wise (the highest road which runs along the ridge of the town from the roundabout, before south fistral, to the traffic lights, before the railway station) and look out for a massive blue and white building with this artwork on the front!

More photos, links and info to come when MOR Surf Lodge, Newquay opens to the public.

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