29 April 2010

florist shutters

A second peice at Jane Adele's florist in Truro. Last year I drew a big flower on the wall which is still there.

As this is painted on the roller shutters, this is only visible at night. Although I went over the edge so you can see the side bits during the day. They love it and have plans for more... watch this space... or their space

The theme is the florist's connection to their base in Porthtowan and in Cornwall. Kenny, the deliver driver, can be seen flying around the county in the delivery van, at the top.

The brief was: "Whatever you think." :)

28 April 2010

Treneer Wall Project

I ran a workshop of young people from Penzance's Treneere estate for them to design some images, which they did really well! for me to then paint on a wall and some shutters. A great project to be involved with. I finished the wall today, here are some pics ...

18 April 2010

Q Bar: Update 1

The bar re-opened on Saturday. It was supposed to be Friday but, despite everybody's best efforts, five days was not long enough to do a complete re-furbishment of a bar of this size!

I pre-designed the furniture and managed to get it built from scratch in these five days too.

Stuck around long enough on Saturday to see the bar get absolutely full! :)

Here are a couple of pics of the artwork during the hectic five day project:

The bar is complete and open and the artwork is still in progress so if you call in you can see it as I complete it.
More pics and finished bar and artwork coming soon..

Interior Design and Artwork © Cosmic Images 2010

12 April 2010

Qbar Falmouth

Heading down to the Qbar in Falmouth's headonistic 'Moor' area to start on the re-furbishment. Has to be finished this Friday! I'll post a few pics on here of the finished result.

This picture is 'before':