15 February 2012

"I'm having a portrait"

cosmic had his photo taken. i think he looks cool and stupid. cosmic said hey.

words by felix dye age 7
pictures by stewart girvan photography

07 February 2012

New Drawing On Things Workshops for 2012!

Throughout the year I run the popular Drawing On Things Workshops in Cornwall and throughout the UK.

These are dynamic, friendly, creative sessions and community art projects delivered by me personally to any type of group, business, school, charitable organization, event or educational facility.

There is always a huge piece of art as a result.

The focus of the Drawing On Things Workshops differs according to the needs of the group, and the desired outcome the organizers wish to achieve, but the emphasis is always the same: Positivity!

When a group of people focus on a creative task together, the group dynamic changes to one that creates. Drawing On Things workshops demonstrate how this happens in a nonjudgmental, creative environment. Learning to work like this, either as a group or alone, has massive beneficial value to all involved.

Plus! There is always a huge piece of art as a result for a centre to keep on it's walls, or individual pieces to take away and use as gifts or keep!

This year's Drawing On Things Workshops start next week in Cornwall and are happening in Cornwall and throughout the UK during the rest of 2012.

01 February 2012

Cure your frosty blues!

Halzephron Herb Farm shop, Falmouth called me up in January to come up with something to go with their winter display.

I drew the perfect Cornish sanctuary through these cold spells: a lit, real fire hearth with a mantlepiece to match the woodwork inside the shop complete with ornamental ducks, candlesticks, a clock and, if you look, there are jars of Halzephron sauces in the drawing too.

There is no reason to suffer! This shop has what you need to bust those winter chills. Go there, see Helen or Micheal, try some of the sauces waiting for you on the warmers, and hook yourself up with the herb magic!

Just being in this shop makes you feel better. Walking out, it feels like you have bouncier soles in your shoes! -Haha That sounds strange, but try it!