30 September 2009

original surfboard art

designed last saturday for beachbeat surfboards' team rider marcus lascelles. he was riding it on sunday in biarritz.

16 September 2009

brighton rocks!-y shop

ill be drawing on peoples clothes at the new roxy shop on brighton's duke street this saturday!! sat 19th september..

15 September 2009

new cosmicimages etsy store

ladies and gentlemen, i give you.. the cosmicimages Etsy store!!

bookmark this page as it will be a main place to buy original work by cosmic (me). there will also be prints and books, like the 'cornwall colouring book no.1' (that ive opened the shop with..)



06 September 2009

02 September 2009

GET STONED WITH COSMIC JAGGER This thursday nite, perranporth

i used to do some stones gigs with very competent musician friends, we were called the Cosmic Stones (previously to that, the Rolling Pancakes- its a long story!) the line-up changed quite a bit and lots of very loud, late and heady nights were had by all.

so last week i get a call from bono.. "you wanna do a gig?". "sure, bono! i'll be there!! give my love to ireland and the edge" . "its not that bono.. its ryan bono jones from the hitchcock rules..".

it was too late, i had said ill do it.. and just because this bono doesnt wear wrap-around sunnies and hang out with handlebar mustachios.. actually he might! ..but its still no reason to go back on my word.

This Thursday, 3rd sept
Seiners, Perranporth
8pm-late am
down by the beach car park
lots of other stuff too, cheap beer, loose women, rock n roll excess, tv's out the window.. you get the idea