12 January 2012

Slamming it on Instagram!

I love film cameras. I have a small collection of lomo, smena, ricoh, canon, minolta point-and-shoots and SLRs which I've gathered over yeeeears of slowly learning how to take real photos, by trial and error!

A few of my cameras are almost rarities, but the reason I like them is just that I like using them! Unbelievable quality (when all of the factors that can go horribly wrong go right for a change) images and the strange, unplanned results which are achievable are often mind-blowing. This is great if you are patient and naturally organized.
I'm not.
I have a drawer full of used film waiting to be processed, most with no notes on them or dates when they were taken!


About a year ago I got told about an iphone app called Instagram, that turns your phone into a retro camera with a feature to share your pics with friends, twitter-style. I downloaded it and took a couple of pics and didn't think much about it at the time. A neat toy but not the real thing by a long shot.

Then I had another look at it towards the end of last year and the amount of people using it had rocketed! I got posting and, while I still prefer the magic of clunks, clicks and expectation that comes with using film, I have to admit that being able so share the image immediately is loads of fun!

The simple effects options on Instagram are a quick way to present your pics with a bit more atmosphere and a few unexpected results.

Are you a camera puritan? Do you do Instagram? Which do prefer? Message me.

Get Instagram here. And if you're already on it, follow: cosmicimages