27 August 2010

First Santa of 2010 (In August!)

November Update: Recent weather conditions in Cornwall has lead to a rise in concern for fictional holiday celebrity cut-outs and I was called in to give Santa some warm clothes and friend!

From August 2010:

In case there is any confusion, it isn't Christmas! (A lot of people who saw this today commented exactly like this: "Christmas, already?")

The Riverbank in Truro has some amazing deals with their Xmas parties this year. Manager Phil Willey knows I get busy at close to the festive season and had the good sense to reach for the 'Cosmic Phone' he had installed in his office.

"Cosmic! We need your help!" He screamed.

I hung up the phone, shot down the Cosmic Pole and immediately flew out of the Cosmic Cave, in the Cosmicmobile, on course for Truro.

Within four minutes I had designed, painted and finished the fattest Surfing Santa in all the land.

And the world was saved.

(Story may be slightly embellished for dramatic effect. ...might have something to do with the super hero theme of the SAS ball, creeping up just a week from today!)

26 August 2010

Quiksilver British Surf Championships at Fistral Beach

I am a special guest artist at this years British Surf Championships at Fistral Beach this weekend:

"Over the Bank Holiday weekend, Quiksilver are proud to present the Quiksilver British Surf Championships at Fistral Beach, Newquay, England. The annual event will be held over the Bank Holiday weekend (Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th August 2010) where the best surfers across Britain, including Russell Winter (former European champion), Alan Stokes (U.K. Tour Champion), Toby Donachie (former British champion) and current British junior champ Luke Dillon, will be competing to win titles in the British Men’s Open. Gibson Guitar has once again generously donated a Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar as the champion’s trophy.

This year, Quiksilver’s presence, down on Fistral Beach, will be joined by Gibson Guitar, Roxy, DC and Monster Energy Drinks. DC & Monster Energy will keep the crowds entertained between heats with demos on the Monster Energy skate ramp. Demoing for the weekend will be DC, Monster Energy, and Quiksilver Pro Skaters, including Pete King, Sam Bosworth, Dan McDermott, Sam Pulley and John Bell.

To complete the Gibson experience, the Gibson Guitar Tour Bus (one of only four in the world) will be parked exclusively on Fistral Beach over the Bank Holiday weekend and will provide a media hub, hospitality and a place to relax for Gibson's special guest artists, bands and all participating surfers."


25 August 2010

Update: 'Protect Our Waves' Quiksilver/ Surfers against sewage Limited Edition Tee By Cosmic

I am very pleased to be involved with this project. They are selling like very hot and very tasty hot cakes, apparently.

Remember it is a Limited Edition, the proceeds go to a very worthwhile cause and they're sik tees! So, get them while you can. Below is a list of shops selling the tees and online shop links.

"To celebrate the 20th anniversary of SAS, Quiksilver has joined forces with Surfers Against Sewage to release a limited edition t-shirt to be sold in a select number of surf shops around the UK and Ireland this summer. The limited edition t-shirts have been designed by St Agnes based surfer and artist, Cosmic. He knows the importance of respecting the environment and is actively involved in national and local community art projects. Most recently his work has featured in Carve magazine.

This T-shirt is is 100% organic cotton"

Here are some links and online shops (there are more):

Facebook page
bg stores


..and a list of participating shops:


Boomerang, Southport: www.boomerangboardwear.com
City Surf, Cardiff: www.citysurfshops.co.uk
Devilwear, Durham: www.devilwear.co.uk
Dive & Ski, Jersey: www.cisurf.com
Magicseaweed: www.magicseaweed.com
Ocean Sports, Brighton: www.boardriders.co.uk
Quiksilver Surf School Newquay: www.quiksilversurfschoolnewquay.com
Quiksilver Store, Barnstaple: www.lesportsurf.com
Quiksilver Store, Bristol: www.quiksilver.co.uk
Quiksilver Store, Cardiff: www.quiksilver.co.uk
Quiksilver Store, Carmarthen: www.quiksilver.co.uk
Quiksilver Store, Covent Garden: www.quiksilver.co.uk
Quiksilver Store, Llenelli: www.quiksilver.co.uk
Quiksilver Store, Newquay: www.quiksilver.co.uk
Quiksilver Store, Regent Street: www.quiksilver.co.uk
Quiksilver Store, Truro: www.quiksilver-truro.co.uk
Surfdome: www.surfdome.com Shore, East Wittering: www.shore.co.uk
The Loop at Retallack Resort, St Columb Major: www.surftheloop.co.uk
Tribe, Dublin (Ireland): www.tribe.ie
Troggs, Northern Ireland: www.troggs.com

Thanks for supporting the cause!


24 August 2010

Florists Delivery Machine

I thought there was already a picture and a blurb about this on my blog but can't find it. So here it is...:

Painted for Jane Adele Flowers in Truro a couple of weeks ago. Free reign, I just had to mention the name of the shop ...and paint something relevant.

18 August 2010

Poltair Skatepark

The House is a genuinely unique youth centre in St Austell, Cornwall. They are situated next to a skate park with ramps and features specifically designed for street skating. The designers also put in a wall for graffiti and street art and I was invited to paint on it this week by The House and Cornwall Council and make a permanent feature and benefit to the park.

I managed to get a great group of young people who hang out at The House and the skate park to help me prepare the wall for painting (quite hard work) and, as we scraped off paint and sanded the wall and enjoyed visits from the press, we talked about ideas and images to go on it.

The image is a response to the subject of the need for peace and respect. The planet shows that the issue is worldwide. There is a question mark in the eye/moon because there are questions in the picture. Some questions we couldn't answer so we decided to leave a majority of the picture open to interpretation.

They didn't mind the hard work at all, and it was hot on Monday!

On tuesday I got there at 5am to start so I could get a lot done before the park got busy but it was raining and it wasn't very interesting work waiting for the rain to stop! Luckily the Mayor of St Austell, Jill Trewhela, turned up with bacon sandwiches, flasks of tea and hot chocolate and great conversation.

The House opened at 10 and I got the chance to develop the ideas with some Monday's team and meet the DJs and dancers who were doing workshops there that day.

Finally got to start painting the wall at around 12pm and heard more press were on the way so I drew the outlines and gave everyone colours to paint, even the Mayor got involved with the painting and took lots of pictures. By the time the press arrived there was a lot of the image on the wall.

Great teamwork!

12 August 2010

drawingonthings workshop: in Roche

Young People Cornwall put on days Called "Youth Fest" during the summer. This one at Roche, yesterday, had live music, DJs, MCs and cakes, burgers and a "Drawing On Things" workshop!

We used spray paint to create graffiti style pieces to hang on the wall. The project, theme, idea, message, content, colours, and 99% of the work came from these young people. I just helped them do it.

09 August 2010

Tappy float for Aggie Carnival '10

I gave local pub and bistro The Taphouse (the Tappy) some help with the decor for their float for this Saturday's Carnival in St Agnes.

The theme was 'Hip-Hop' and they had a DJ and some break dancers to perform behind the float. So I did the panels in different graffiti styles to go along with the theme. The dancers good but I was more keen on taking pics of my artwork as I hadn't taken any when I painted it so i've cut a lot of heads off in my shots (...either that or it was something to do with the amount of rattler being consumed!).

The day went really well and this float drew a lot of interest, especially when they stopped to do their party peice outside the pubs by rolling a mat out and having an 80s style breakdance-off.

04 August 2010

Carve Magazine Illustration

This month my first illustration for Carve is published!

Carve is a great surf magazine, been going for donkies' years and is a cornerstone of British surfing.

I am very proud and pleased to be illustrating for them.

Your local newsagent should have some copies. If he doesn't, bug the s*** out of him til he does!