27 August 2010

First Santa of 2010 (In August!)

November Update: Recent weather conditions in Cornwall has lead to a rise in concern for fictional holiday celebrity cut-outs and I was called in to give Santa some warm clothes and friend!

From August 2010:

In case there is any confusion, it isn't Christmas! (A lot of people who saw this today commented exactly like this: "Christmas, already?")

The Riverbank in Truro has some amazing deals with their Xmas parties this year. Manager Phil Willey knows I get busy at close to the festive season and had the good sense to reach for the 'Cosmic Phone' he had installed in his office.

"Cosmic! We need your help!" He screamed.

I hung up the phone, shot down the Cosmic Pole and immediately flew out of the Cosmic Cave, in the Cosmicmobile, on course for Truro.

Within four minutes I had designed, painted and finished the fattest Surfing Santa in all the land.

And the world was saved.

(Story may be slightly embellished for dramatic effect. ...might have something to do with the super hero theme of the SAS ball, creeping up just a week from today!)

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