31 December 2010

quik: we need a card!

There is so much from this year that I haven't had time to post up, including this greeting that Quiksilver sent out for their 2010 card.

30 December 2010

magazine backdrop

I was sent this the other day by a friend. It's an interview in 'oh comely' magazine of Nat Rigby, a chick who makes jewellery out of old skateboards.

If you were wondering who had scribbled all over the walls and tables, the "Cosmic'10" signature might give you a clue!

The place is Qbar, in Falmouth's exclusive "Moor" area.

Thanks to Caroline Pedler for sending the article.

22 December 2010

Aggie Surf Shop

Aggie Surf Shop, the coolest surf shop in St Agnes (...apart from Mary's! ) had an evening of reggae, mulled wine and mince pies last week.

During this lavish seasonal knees-up a local artist squeaked about on the window to create a bit of xmas surfing joy and share a message about their very cool 10% off xmas special offer! which, I believe, is still on.

Get down there! and buy Gran that Sex Comb she's always wanted! Offer applies to anything in the shop including boards, vids, clothing, wetsuits, and accessories.

Biggest window this year.

A week after gate-crashing part 3 of their staff party day (a private screening of Tom and Jerry and The Goonies!!) came the date the Qbar had booked me in to complete my biggest window art project of 2010.

The Qbar is arguably Falmouth's unofficial bohemian headquarters. Perched amongst banks, the towns main post office and estate agents in the cosmopolitan Moor area, the bar shows how Falmouth has a very prominent 'underground' culture.

This year I designed the recent re-fit and new funiture, (and then attacked the place with a few hundred cans of spraypaint) but that's not the only reason why I like the bar!

Find it: On the Moor (paved area by the banks) in Falmouth, Cornwall.

16 December 2010

Finn Mc'Cool's

Finn McCouls Irish pub in Falmouth is one of the only decent and wholesome dens of debauchery left in Cornwall.
Their live music nights really go off, and include all the local great live acts (Ryan Jones, Winter Mountain Band, Al Jones...) touring bands and a weekly jam night with one of the UK's greatest drummer/compares Gerry Gillard.

Gerry buys you drink if you get up and sing, and two if you play an instrument.

Helen, of 'Finns" is a great landlady and, despite almost losing her Irish accent over the years, always has the open fire going and a warm Irish welcome for all.

Plus, they've had a bit of art too.

Find it: You can't miss it.

The Truro walk of fame

The Office nightclub and Zafiros in Uptown Truro this year...

The Office nightclub has cartoons of all the staff as characters from the movies (which are now their facebook profile pics), and their sister bar, Zafiros, has the christmas characters, Santa, Rudolf and all the elfs dressed up as their favourite Hollywood stars ...oh year, and C3PO and R2D2 iceskating.

Find: The Matrix Snowman!

The Office nightclub and Zafiros are a great couple of family-run bars in Truro and are well 'geared-up' for this season.

Mariocart away your xmas shopping blues

Loading retro games cafe in Falmouth is a great place. Check it out: They have retro games consoles always on that are free to use and an arcade table, with loads of space invaders type games and even double dragon. Hot drinks to sit and play or takeaway (James, you can use that line if you like!), snacks (great paninis) and a licensed bar!

Oh, and a bit of xmas art work on the window! ;)

Find it: ...Turn left by the bookshop before you get to Trago's.

Web:... Loading Website

10 December 2010

"How's everybody, the wife?"

The time I spend drawing on this barbers shop in Falmouth is a great way to launch into the holiday season. It was still November when I did Terry's this year, and the customers all share their plans for christmas.

Nearly everybody who takes to the seat gets asked "How's everybody, and the wife?". Terry is a drummer in a blues rock band and there are always musicians popping in... The guy with the guinness (and a cuupa for Terry) in the picture is Viv, the guitarist in Terry's band.

09 December 2010

Movember 2010

With less than 24 hours to go before the event, I was asked to do these illustrations by Bacardi for the Movember party in Newquay last month.

05 December 2010

Coming soon... pictures of this year's Xmas window artwork!

Lots of windows already completed this year. Pics coming soon!

Media Poppy

M-Mad Media in Launceston, Cornwall last week: "Call Cosmic! We need a huge poppy on the wall to represent the creativity springing forth from this place!"

M-Mad Media Centre in Launceston's is a community media studio developing projects with and by young people and is a vibrant hub of creativity in an otherwise very ordinary looking cornish industrial estate.

The 'bosses' (although I am pretty sure they wouldn't describe themselves as such) Krystyna (pictured above) and husband Pete have done a fantastic job to put this studio together, mostly funded by themselves!
There is a fully operational recording studio, all kinds of film and editing equipment and a blue screen for the young people to access for their projects for personal creativity, commissions or for work towards arts awards.

It was a real pleasure to visit the studio, witness a production taking place and create this peice of work for them.

For more info: contact M-Mad Studio.