18 July 2009

you will get to the end of this picture and realise ive been a ghost all along

i see red people

yore guess is as good as mine, busy day. i might try to unravel a meaning later, lots of possibilities, discuss.

off to eden sessions last gig for this summer, the kooks

16 July 2009

roller skating dog castle candle house- with heli pad

i think this one may be a comment on, the normal being subjective. and taking things for granted

15 July 2009

if fish knew something we wanted to know..

if fish knew something we wanted to know..

i think this picture is about communication

i ate fish tonight

tomorrow, ill be surfing in the rain



07 July 2009

another pot

look under your seat
theres another pot-full there
if youre running low
and find it

it is a reserve but its much
much more than you will
ever need
if you need it, reach under

you put it there

you can wait until you really
need it
or search it out now, so you
know its there, and you
know how to get to it

it will come in handy when..
but then you'll never need it
because you know its there

youve always known its there

you just forgot

copyright cosmic 2009