30 September 2010

Style Spotting Some Santa

An occupational hazard for me is drawing Santa. Between now and just before I collapse on Christmas eve I will have drawn 100's of all of our favourite holiday characters. Most of them jolly bearded chaps with red outfits!

So to keep it interesting for everybody (including me) I like to draw them using various styles, and see if people still notice it was me that drew them. See how many you can spot this year!

I did this one yesterday, it can be found at The Riverbank, Truro:

28 September 2010


Following a 12 metre long wall I painted at Treneere estate in Penzance, is this project to paint the shutters of the Neighbourhoods Together Partnership office.

The sign still has the old name of Treneere Together Partnership. These guys (actually girls) work tirelessly to transform and improve the estate and provide a place to drop by and get things sorted.

The design was the result of discussions with residents about what they wanted to go on the shutters. Everybody agreed that a map would be both decorative and informative.

After I finished it yesterday, almost everybody who passed it pointed out where they live on it.

16 September 2010

New drawingonthings Tumblelog!

Tumblelog: Very few words for each post and maybe a multimedia file.

Sounds good to me, so i started one! here


09 September 2010

Invinci-Ball Artwork!

Surfers Against Sewage have a Cosmicphone in their office too.
Last week, Just minutes before the SAS Ball 2010 was due to begin, there was an emergency. People were about to descend on the eco park at Porthtowan to party, quite literally, like superheroes and... there was no art in the whole place!

"Only one thing for it..." thought Hugo Tagholm, Chief Commissioner of Gotham Beach and Director of the St Agnes based environmental pressure group, Surfers Against Sewage.

"...This is a job for Cosmic Images!" he yelled, and reached for a red 1960s dial phone which was inside, what can only be described as an up-turned fish bowl, on top of a plinth.

A silver letter "C" with a small "i" in it was the only 'number' on the dial, (it was where the "9" would've been on a regular phone)... TBC

FINISHED ARTWORK PICS TO FOLLOW (when i find the wall and TAKE SOME!!)

"SAS represents all recreational water users in the UK, from surfers and sailors, through to bodyboarders and windsurfers. The campaigns protect the coastal environment for all to enjoy, and promote a clean and safe water environment for people to enjoy and practice a wide variety of sports that rely on these marine resources." - www.sas.org.uk