09 August 2010

Tappy float for Aggie Carnival '10

I gave local pub and bistro The Taphouse (the Tappy) some help with the decor for their float for this Saturday's Carnival in St Agnes.

The theme was 'Hip-Hop' and they had a DJ and some break dancers to perform behind the float. So I did the panels in different graffiti styles to go along with the theme. The dancers good but I was more keen on taking pics of my artwork as I hadn't taken any when I painted it so i've cut a lot of heads off in my shots (...either that or it was something to do with the amount of rattler being consumed!).

The day went really well and this float drew a lot of interest, especially when they stopped to do their party peice outside the pubs by rolling a mat out and having an 80s style breakdance-off.

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