05 July 2011

Laser Man and Robo-Monkey.

I went to the house of my friends Kurt and Sharon yesterday and painted their son's bedroom on his 5th birthday, while he was at school, for a surprise when he came home to party with friends and family.

A few weeks ago I had visited the family and the kids, Alfie and Faith had helped me to design some super heroes. Laser Man, in this scene was all Alfie's design. I just drew what he told me to.

I just heard that it surprised him again when he woke up! Brilliant.


sharon said...

Cosmic - I cant thank you enough for this. Alfie loves it so much and we now have Faith beggin us daily for her own one :) You have made a little boy very happy.

We owe you tea, non-chocolate biscuits and a website. Oh and you left your pencil case at our house too :)

Thank you again gorgeous xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

You're very welcome, Sharon.

Hope to catch up with you guys soon x