25 August 2011

Sketching ideas straight on the wall (Drawing on Things style!)

Newquay Youth Centre Open Day, yesterday.

The white part of the wall is the start of where the larger art will begin throughout the room, so this is a consultation with young people who love living in Newquay and use Newquay Youth Centre or, for some, who only found out about the centre yesterday during the open day.

The art project is to express the many enjoyable and positive things about living in Newquay.

To get the ideas flowing I suggested ways that everybody could begin doodling, despite how well they thought they could draw, and the drawing didn't stop all day!

About 30 new artists added ideas, shapes and colours to the wall, including some of the newspaper photographers (who couldn't resist when I offered them the chance!).

The artwork for the main part of the wall will be done by me in September or October. And by looking at some of the ideas coming through yesterday, this will be a very creative project indeed!

Edit: Here is a link to a post with pics of the artwork completed by me, based on these sketches, ready for when the young people return to use the youth centre (after the summer holidays) later this week.

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