22 May 2011

Window Sign and Air-Con Robot

Years ago this bar was a juice bar called Quench and when it began to have gigs and sell beers it was re-named Qbar and the name stuck, despite having new owners and becoming a hugely popular bar.

On Friday I set up a makeshift easel in the street and painted some characters having a conversation about the bar to go on the backs of the seats in the window.

When I finished this it only seemed right to give the brand new, white air conditioning unit quick make-over too!


Santo Badenoch said...

That fan right there is certainly "cool"! =) The color is so lively, and it seems as if the hands and eyes are able to move. Is that for sale? The person who gets that would have a pretty nifty toy in his hands.

Unknown said...

Hey Santo, Thanks for your comment. It was for the bar that is behind it in the picture. As far as I know they still have it in there.