04 February 2009

the rain is like ice

the rain is like ice

the rain is like ice,
i panicked and thought of a worse,
snowy banks and icey puddles slapped,
under munchy wheels and brown tyres.

dont breakit dont changeit. stop.
look around, properly.
everything you think youve lost,
is staring you in the face,
everything youre scared to lose,
should go.

warmth and well and food,
thats what makes the world go,
thats why some things fly and others die,
im blathering now and im aware that,
my toes are still cold.

the air outside is gritty,
traffic splutters and grumbles at itself,
hunched figures moan,
and drains drip the thaw,

dont call me. im asleep.

copyright cosmic 2009

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