02 May 2010

Music Academy walls

The Cornwall Music Academy opened yesterday in Hayle, and I was asked to go and draw on the walls outside their brand new practice rooms to be kept as inspiring decoration.

The visitors were encouraged to offer suggestions of things for me to draw on the walls throughout the day. One of the best had to be 'batman with flutes for legs'!

There was loads of live jazz, brass bands and quoir music and a samba band.
The local radio, Atlantic FM were broadcasting from there all day, there was also a bbq, face painting and tons of free music lessons, and lots of excited people!

All Images © Cosmic 2010


Gill Cooke said...

Wow! (again!) where is the Music Academy in Hayle? I never seem to know what's going on until it's happened!

Unknown said...

hey Gill,

It's round by the viaduct on way to St Ives. They have some very talented teachers. Catch you soon. Cosmic