07 May 2010

Q Bar: Update 2

Got to the bar just before 2am today to begin a night painting session.

This pic also shows the seating.

I designed all the furniture along with the interior, and had it made within the 5 day refit. The frames are coloured the same 'blank canvas' grey as the walls with blood-red leatherette upholstery to match the ceiling and woodwork.

All of the furniture moves round to make the room into a small art-house cinema (with some awesome film choices!!) on tuesday nights...

My brief was to create a brand-new version of the old bar, which all the staff and customers loved, with an excess of my artwork on the walls.

I still have a lot of painting work to do. A few more sessions like this and I'll be done. The bar is open so customers can follow the progress and see how the artwork continues to completion.

The Q Bar is on the Moor in Falmouth, Cornwall and is well worth a visit!

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