29 October 2010


Today I popped down to Falmouth and drew on a window.

The Q Bar is an ex-juice bar (called Quench before it got an alcohol license) these days it serves Falmouth's more discerning bohemian and hedonistic customers.

Every halloween they really go to town with fancy dress and even dress the bar from top to bottom along with theme. This year (tomorrow night) it's a "Rock n' Roll Macabreret" with a twisted circus theme complete with punk acrobats, jugglers and magicians.

Earlier this year the "old bar" that the loyal customers loved but was showing signs of age so they asked me to design and commission some furniture, develop a modest colour scheme and paint all over the walls (see earlier posts tagged: qbar).

The walls are a continued project and a huge source of interest and discussion for the staff and diverse range of customers. I am due down there very soon to add more!

The bar is located on the moor in Falmouth (opposite the post office) and the window painting will be on until this Sunday (1st Nov).