23 March 2011

NEW!! The 'C' Board!!

Ahh... remember the old 'A' board, a firm marketing tool and a national treasure!

For centuries businesses and establishments have scrawled messages on 'A' boards to inform passers-by of unbeatable deals to be found within.

Sir Francis Drake may have been the first person to introduce this method of advertising to the UK. While at sea, Drake would write a message on a trap door on in the ships deck and prop it open with a mop or broom, probably.

"Warning, Trap Door" is rumored to be the first ever message.

The 'C' Boards are a traditional business favorite with a contemporary twist.

Despite it's heritage, however, these strong wooden advertising heroes are hard to find in the 21st century.

That is until 2011 when an artist in St Agnes developed the 'C' Board on a beach in Cornwall. Cosmic spent hours researching and designing the 'C' Board to be the perfect marketing tool to catch the right kind of attention.

Standing at nearly 1.5 metres tall and painted in vibrant colours, the 'C' Boards stand out even in a busy street. Stronger, bigger and more colourful than the Golden Hind itself!

Prices begin at £200 for the plain 'C' Board including delivery within Cornwall. Courier service for rest of UK.

Artwork provided. Can be delivered with artwork completed within Cornwall and can be updated as often as required. Call to discuss requirements and prices.

Call Cosmic on 07970 307908 and order your new 'C' Board today!

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