14 April 2011

Edusk8 crew kick-start giant wall project!

Mount Hawke Skatepark outside walls, Day 1: Edusk8...

Part of the secret of Mount Hawke's success is the education facilities. The world famous rural Cornish skatepark has a great set-up for young people, who would otherwise not be in education, employment or training of any kind. They call this side of the skatepark 'Edusk8'.

This year I will be helping various groups of people who use the skatepark to decorate the massive blue wall in the front car park. The Edusk8 crew went first and his project leapt into action on Tuesday this week.

We had mammoth doodle collaborations in the conference room first and then went out and continued on the wall. Everybody who was there took part and many had never used spray paint before and quite a few were telling me they couldn't draw when we started.

We got so much done in one day. I was amazed at how fast everybody worked!

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