09 April 2012

A Drop-in Drawingonthings Surgery!

LINk in Cornwall are the people who pass on everyone's thoughts and feelings about their health services here in Cornwall to the people who run them.

Using communication to bring about positive change is also something that my Drawingonthings Workshops are known for. Which is why LINk in Cornwall thought it would be a good idea to have me run a drop-in workshop in Truro City centre as a feature of their celebration event called Watch Your Health, last Thurdsay.

Young people could colaborate on a peice in the Drawingonthings Workshop in exchange for the (Yes/No) answer to: "Do you think there is enough information about health services in Cornwall for young people?

A highly creative day followed, filled with discussion on the topic, and some awesome pieces of work were created!

But the best bit...
All the work returns to the donors of the "canvases" (many of whom were there on the day) and will be displayed in their offices, surgeries, etc. This was an important part of this workshop as it showed that the young peoples' opinions are highly regarded, as is their art!

LINk in Cornwall's website: http://www.linkincornwall.org.uk


Katie said...

love the picture of the boys! They really enjoyed spray painting.. thanks for giving them the opportunity.

Unknown said...

:) Thanks Katie! You're welcome. Glad you all enjoyed the day and that you found my website!
Best, Cosmic