25 May 2012

The Butterfly Effect, Lanson

Volunteers from Barefoot had made this amazing ceramic butterfly to go outside the town hall in Launceston. 
They called me in me to come and assist them in creating something to go around it.
Each cloud was coloured and transformed from the usual plain white by the volunteers.

The finished image shows the diversity and creativity of the people which is underlying every scene of Launceston.

Barefoot continue to do great work in engaging local people with creative community projects that serve to enhance the town for the pleasure of residents and visitors alike, a
nd are fantastic people to work with. I can thoroughly recommend getting involved on an art project with these guys!

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Barefoot said...

Thank you Cosmic, always a joy to work alongside of you. Your write-up brought back the pleasures of the whole process and I'm sure we'll be asking for your input for future Lanson upgrades! Big Love Barefoot