02 November 2015

Cosmic's Art Space

Over the last couple of summers I have been developing an art space at a few UK festivals.
An area which is both a space for practicing artists to continue their own projects while at the festival, and a place for those who maybe don't consider themselves to be skilled, to create in a relaxing, creative environment.
COSMIC'S ART SPACE is a non-judgemental, fun and relaxing environment where people can spend some quality time painting, drawing and creating works of art, even if they think they can't.

To illustrate what I mean by someone who thinks they have no artistic skills let me begin with drawing and an example:

Far too often I hear everyday functioning adults say "I can't draw." like drawing is something we have or don't have, or is a skill that some are lucky to have been born with, and some are not.

Drawing is a communication skill. Like reading or writing.
We can all draw. We just do or don't.

Like any practice, the more we do and the more often we do it, the better we are and the more confident we become, so we do it more because it makes us feel good that we do it well.
This also means, however that if we don't do something very often we can get cross with ourselves if we don't like the results when we do try.

So I have developed workshops accordingly. Taking part is fun and you realise that you have everything you need to develop a strong visual art practice.

The workshops I have created are aimed at varying degrees of ability so that within the shortest time possible (just under an hour) the participant can access the "I can" of drawing and can return to that whenever they like.

There is no charge to take part and all art materials are provided.

The most popular workshops this year include Life Drawing With Attitude, Artist Rediscovery, How To Make Good Mistakes and Say You Can't Draw Try This which was very in demand!
Plus many more and some that might evolve from our daily Discussions On Art, which sometimes have no art references what-so-ever and that leads to another topic about the relevance this has to our art. Then we all go and watch some bands.

 "These aren't lessons, but a unique approach to opening the artist up to new creative possibilities"-Bestival

Watch out for  COSMIC'S ART SPACE  at UK festivals in 2016. Drop me a line, via email at the top of this blog's homepage, if you want to see Cosmic's Art Space at your favourite festival next year.

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