19 November 2015

Trewirgie Junior School Murals

The Trewirgie "Cornish Studies" Mural.
Earlier this year I completed a series of three murals at Trewirgie Junior School in Redruth.

"Creativity and Watersports" A mural about favourite leisure activities.
This was such a great project. The pupils involved chose and designed all the content and it was their choice to theme the murals on their studies.
For each wall, a design team of pupils came up with the ideas and directed me through the sketches straight onto the wall during a consultation workshop, and returned to class. I called them back when it was time to colour.

Most of the paint that was applied was the work of the pupils involved. Really, in a way, all I did was help with outlines and tidying up the edges!

Most had never used spray paint before and they responded well to a responsible introduction to this versatile medium.

The "Trewirgie Regal" playground theatre space mural. Designed by Trewirgie pupils.
These workshops are hugely beneficial in using drawing as a visual skill which supports other communication skills like reading and writing.

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