21 January 2009

empowerment. how to put a gig on

the hitchcock rules band, press play promotions and yours truly (me) have been helping young people to set up a big gig where they can earn cash and experience by promoting, organizing, selling tickets, booking bands, contacting press, ticket, t-shirt and poster design and much more including logo design, the band's image and photo shoots.

i ran the illustration and design workshop where 5 very cool, inspired and talented 'yoofs' came up with concepts, logos, styles, illustrations and design strategies for the gig AND the headlining band.. in just one day! they called themselves 'the cosmic 5 design agency'.  i am very proud of the quality and amount of ideas and sketches they came up with. (queue small tear..)

the gig is on 12 feb in falmouth, see posters and press for details.

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