22 January 2009

so they want t-shirts. no problem?

easy, you'd think. got design. find a printer and print it. 
no way! getting a printer to print what you want is almost impossible and for years i have been bored into turning back to my drawing board (you see what i did there) time and time again with claims that "that image wont print using screen printing" etc.
lately i have had quite a few requests about tee-shirt designs and have done a bit of research. mostly resulting a disapointed meeting with someone who finds the whole process too taxing at its most basic form to ever consider wasting effort to push any boundaries. then, today i met will.
a total self-confessed screen geek, with a cool nature and bags of style, will gets his results no matter what the obstacles. so he's our man.  the design was pulled from the ideas the yoof design team 'the cosmic 5'  on friday, and will be ready to buy on shirts at the gig on the 14th.
rock n roll highschool!

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