28 August 2009


drawing for quiksilver again this weekend!!! fistral beach quiksilver surf showdown 09, also with legendary guitar manufacturers gibson! live music, surf comp and much booze-ridden excitement!!!! ..and hanging out on the gibson tour bus!!

i have no idea what ill be doing constructively, but it will involve drawing on stuff, having fun, surfing, enjoying the music and beer, and hopefully sun, .. you get the idea!! ::)))

..i was just explaining this to a friend, beth, i bumped into just now in the villiage shop. we were talking about what were doing for the weekend, she says "i need a job where i get to do what i enjoy!" i said "what do you enjoy?" and the conversation lead onto photography, travel, food (but not a chef!), maybe organizing foodie nights, etc and i suggested blogging as a way to share and focus on her interest..

..kind of reminded me why i started this.

..so when beth starts her blog ill post a link here. she suggested a great name.

have a good weekend! come to newquay!!


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