12 July 2010

This painting existed for half an hour before the fire brigade tore it apart!

Dracaena Youth Centre, Falmouth. Sunday 11th July 2010

Ok, this is graffiti style. But I still had permission! ...and lots of fun. I was doing a big drawingonthings graffiti-esque workshop with spray paint and a wall provided by the fire brigade. Before I did that though, the fire fighters were going to demonstrate how to free somebody trapped in a car and wheeled this little Vauxhall Corsa into the baksetball court. I saw my chance, and took it!

I had about ten minutes to paint the car it before they closed off the basketball court. I painted "drive safe!" and a skull, with his hand on a steering wheel painted on the windscreen, a CCTV camera with a tear coming from the lens on the rear of the car and "SAFETY 1" number plates.

Then, as I enjoyed a cup of tea half an hour later, I watched them tear both the painting and car to shreds whilst Robyn from the Dracaena Centre sat, slightly petrified, in the drivers seat.

After all this riveting display of controlled descruction I helped almost 100 kids from 5-17 yrs graffiti a wall with positive messages about road safety! Pics of the wall above.

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