13 July 2010

A drawingonthings workshop sponsored by Cornwall Fire Brigade.

Dracaena Youth Centre, Falmouth. Sunday 11th July 2010

MP Sarah Newton, Cornwall's Chief Fire Officer Des Tidbury, and almost 100 young people from 5yrs upwards took part in covering this wall with graffiti (not all at once) to help share the important message of road safety during a massive fun day at the youth centre in Falmouth last Sunday.

Other activities included an alternative petting zoo (with tarantulas and lizards), a funfair, bbq, football tournament, skate, bmx and scooter comp, and archery.

All the young people that took part on the wall took the theme seriously and all of the slogans are theirs. I wrote a few, but I was being dictated to. Graffiti artist 'SIN' turned up and did a peice with a road safety message too.

The result was very successful and enjoyable day for everybody involved, as well as carrying a very important message.

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