25 February 2011


The big blue phone with a capital C on it was flashing in the studio. The bell is so loud on that thing, the ringing is almost deafening! I hopped off the treadmill and swiftly lifted the heavy receiver. "Speak." I muttered down through the voice modulator.

"Is that Cosmic Images!!?" someone yelled on the other end of the line. "Zafiros bar in Truro have a new darts board as part of their celebration of being the modern traditional local pub in the city. They need your help, and fast!!"

That was two weeks ago last thursday. So today I visited them and painted something cool enough to protect the walls from hip city-dwelling darts, yet with enough laid back and traditional appearance to not seem out of place with a few felt caps and some knitting going on in the bar, should that ever happen.

The board is a protective material which loves darts.

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