23 February 2011

Cornwall College Cosmic Corridor Collaboration

The corridor to The Treg, which leads from the canteen, needed brightening up. "Call Cosmic!" someone yelled.

The Treg is the common room at Cornwall College St Austell campus. To find it you have to navigate a short cellar-like route of corridors with plain white walls, a complete contrast of the atmosphere to be found once you are there.

This place has doors leading out to a garden, pool taples, ping-pong, advice and services, info on parties and is place to chill out during breaks from studies and lectures. In other words, the most important area of the college!

I visited the college during the first part of the term to meet students, and staff, to ask them what images they thought I should aim for. It soon became clear that I would have help from both students and members of staff.
During the consultation it became apparent that The Treg might one day move location so another part of the college, so we decided to do the artwork on boards which could be hung in the corridor and moved with the Treg if it ever changed location.

So, during the consultation we painted an octopus, a dragon and the student union logo made up of fish and waves on a large decorated board hanging on the wall inside the Treg itself. I was starting to understand that there would be some very interesting ideas to work with on this project.

I left some sheets of paper blutacked to the wall to collect more ideas and returned this week (during half term) and, with the help of students and staff created the images to be hung in the corridor.

I will add another post with pics when they are hung.

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