20 June 2012

Music School Drop In

In 2010 Cornwall Music Academy opened and I drew all over their walls.  This May they moved to a much larger premises and... I drew all over their walls!

Cornwall Music Academy are still in Hayle. The massive new premises are at the big industrial estate by the A30 (Rugby ground/M+S).

It was a very busy, hectic day full of live music and taster lessons. As they mooched about and had music taster lessons, visitors could call out stories, quotes and references for me to draw.

It was full-on, imagine this... A corridor full of rooms with the doors open, where keen novice musicians play various musical instruments for the first time, at the same time.  Live bands playing through a PA outside and people of all ages the most random suggestions for images, ever!

It's not always like this, apparently the rooms are sound-proofed, but there are things drawn on these walls that defy the furthest realms of imagination!

I took some paint as well and gave the pianos a bit of a lift!

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