09 December 2012

The writing on the Whale

Recently I completed a large wall at Falmouth Marine School for Cornwall College Student Union...

Besides the marine biology, there is also sailing, boat engines, boat building, kayaking, diving and marine science (weather etc) in the painting. All these subjects and activities are taught at the college.

All ideas were generated with students during an open day in the famous Cornish maritime college's fresher week in September, by sketching ideas on the wall that was going to be painted.

There were some great ideas, but when someone mentioned that the humpback whale was their favourite it sparked a whole round of unanimous approval that this was in fact everyone's favourite whale! The same thing happened when someone mentioned Hokusai's "Great Wave off Kanagawa" print, the most famous Japanese image of all time. So those two images where high on the list!

The college was open as I was working on the mural and all staff and students were encouraged to stop and get involved with more ideas and even some painting!

The turtle in the picture is based on the caretaker, Pete, who is seen as the 'backbone' of the college and the Puffer fish on the wall is based on his namesake, Pete Jnr, who lives in a tank in the Marine Biology department.

Someone mentioned the 'wild' rubber ducks that float around the oceans of the world.

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