26 September 2013

The Cosmic Art Show Skateboarding Special!!

Mount Hawke Skatepark, Cornwall
Right. I'm going to do a Skate special Cosmic Art Show on the Source 96.1fm radio 8-10pm this Friday night (27th sept) before this weekend's Urban Festival at Heartlands, Redruth.

Listen LIVE (8-10pm Friday) here: http://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen or on 96.1fm in and around Falmouth, Cornwall.
Workshops at skateparks.

Every week The Cosmic Art Show I report on art happenings (a bit), talk to people I've recently met (a lot), play loads of music (often by those I just met) and generally hang out and have fun (lots!).
Skate art.
I'm running the ART STREET area at the Urban Festival where you can learn and practice street art techniques. Art has always had a big role in skateboarding and skating has been a big influence in my artwork. Also at Heartlands there will be BMX demos, dancing, live music, DJs, MCs and lots more.

Skateboard graphics by Cosmic.

I will get as many pro skaters, bmxers, artists, dj's and musicians to appear on the show and have loads of skate related music, clips and comments. Call in during the show on 01326 219020!

In the beginning there was art and skating.
If you have anything important to add to the show and want to contact me before, you can message me at cosmicimagesok @ gmail.com
Southbank Skatepark, London

Poltair Skatepark.

Bored Skate shack, St Austell

"Cosmic taught me everything." Tony Hawk never said that.

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