28 March 2014

Recent workshops.

Lately I've been working on projects that will emerge later in the year and based around the use of art in health. More about this as it emerges.

During this time I was asked to help Kernow Young Carers and Action For Children, a family project in Redruth, create work that shows why they love their project. The benefit the young people get out of these inclusive projects is astounding.
Some of the young people from the youth project Action For Children got to spend a week at Falmouth Fire Station and get real fire service training. So their collage was all about the energy and excitement they experienced during this incredible week. All the beneficial aspects can bee seen as icons flying out of the hosepipe!

That's Kev there from Action For Children giving the "thumbs up!" verdict on the new work for his office created by Kernow Young Carers.
Then later that week a group of Kernow Young Carers created a transformed version of their logo, incorporating all the aspects of their world that they can experience as being part of the project.

Both pieces of work are on 6ft wide canvases and will be hung in the offices from which the projects are run. We used spray paint, acrylic paint, photos, and our own wheatpaste (made from just flour and water) to create the works. And very powerful works of art they are too!

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