19 March 2016

The Essentiality of Nature...

When I began using spray paint to capture seascapes in 2014, I visited Port Isaac and sketched and painted at the harbour for a few days. The results weren't good. Occasionally I'd get a part of the scene to work and then pull my finger down on the cap a smidgen too hard and blow it all.
Lots of distractions too. I always happily answer questions when I'm working even this time when I really didn't want to be disturbed. Tourists and locals were stopping and asking me what I was painting with and although they'd seen spray paint they thought it must be different stuff as I wasn't using it for graffiti.

And then all of a sudden, this piece just happened. The mistakes began to work in my favour and I could see that this wild, almost untameable medium could be used to work on such small scale and achieve stunning results.

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