04 April 2016

New artwork at the beach!

The new owners of the beach cafe down at my local beach have just given it a beautiful new refit and, as well as having all the windows opened up to really enjoy the breathtaking views of Trevaunance Cove, recently commissioned me to paint all over the outside walls.

It does what it says on the wall!

I had free reign to paint what I wanted as long as I got certain words in there. So, I kept it simple and fitted the artwork and colours in with the locality and business as much as possible.

Breaking waves: Signage and beach graffiti combined.
As well as the cafe upstairs, Breakers also have the Ice Cream Joint. I painted this to look like a "surf shack" style ice cream parlour to fit in with the long surf culture and history the beach has.

The Ice Cream Joint "surf shack" hatch.
Breakers Beach Cafe can be found at Trevaunance cove, St Agnes, Cornwall and is open most days. 

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